App Shed Basics missing recourse pack

Can't find "resource pack" for "demo app/ London app"


For all those who are having trouble finding the recourse pack for the london app, here are a few solutions you can try.


1) The images folder "Demo App" won't appear in your Images - this was manually created in the AppShed account. The current version of AppShed does not support the creation of folders, so we apologise that the tutorial is misleading on this point. You can simply upload the images to the folder called "My Images" .

2) This image shows where you can find the "Files" tab. Please make sure you are in the Introduction section of the "AppShed Basics" course - the files only appear in this section.

3) See point 1.

4) If you can't see the dialog box, your screen resolution might be too low. As a temporary measure simply "zoom out" using Ctrl-minus in the browser.

5) Make sure you drop the images into "My Images" - you can't upload images to the other folders.

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2014-02-24 09:52
Mluleki Manyase
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