How do I get a public gallery link to open in the virtual Mobile instead of the full browser?

I would like pupils to review apps in the public gallery. But they look much better in the mobile front end.

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My apologies for the late response. I hope you understand.

For them to view the public gallery in the virtual mobile way, they should download the AppShed app which is found in the Google Play Store.

Its called "AppShed"  not "AppShed Creator" which they can also download if they prefer to, it also allows them to build apps using their mobile devices.

Once they have downloaded the AppShed app onto their devices. They should log in using their details.

Once they are logged in, they should click on "AppShed store"

A page will slide with different options that they can select which are:

"AppShed Store" - For the App Gallery

"My Saved Apps" -To view their saved apps.

"Apps created by me" -To see the apps that they have created (they can also download them onto their phones)

"AppShed Creator" - another feature they can use to create an app

 They App also has its own QR code scanner that they can use.

This enables them to view the public gallery nicely sized on their mobile devices.

I hope this helps.


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2015-07-27 11:51
Beniah Makoni
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