Tracking Students's app progress.

To track your students App progress please follow the steps with images below:


  1. At the begining of your class, make sure that all you students are logged in and before they start creating any Apps the should click on "APPSHED ACADEMY" a panel at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Then they should select on the blue button called "GET STARTED COURSE" 

    Get started course blue button

  3. One the next slide, on the top right, they must click on the GREY button called "Make and Launch App", once they have done that, a new and trackable App then is automatically opened.

    make and launch app

  4. They then click back again on "APPSHED ACADEMY" to learn the video tutorials, each section by section, once they are done, they can click on the grey button on "below" right called "Progress"  to show how they have learned and progressed from the tutorials. They then have to click on the boxes so that it gets send to the Admin or teacher for them to track their App progress.

    tracking progress

  5. The Admin or Teacher can now track their students App progress by looking in their Admin account.


NOTE: If your students should create another app, they must follow the same procedure again.

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