AppShed Basics Course


Use the comprehensive video tutorials covering all the basics of creating apps. Step-by-step instructions show you how to create screens, add galleries and maps, and much more more.


Sample Video

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More videos in this playlist include:

  • Design has been done
  • Uploading images
  • Creat new app
  • Edit screen title and more
  • Edit Tab Name
  • Create a new tab
  • Create more tabs
  • Create map and gallery tabs
  • Edit all screen titles
  • Importance of home screen
  • Add 2 more icons
  • Intro to populating Guides tab
  • Add image links
  • Delete an item
  • Image links for Guides tab
  • Image editing Tools
  • Add text and image items
  • Intro to map tab
  • Add a map point
  • Delete map point
  • Adding more map points
  • Add action to map point
  • Intro gallery tab
  • Add image to gallery
  • Add action to Gallery image
  • Delete gallery image
  • Upload image from com
  • Add more gallery images
  • More tab intro
  • Add a link item
  • Change image for a link
  • RSS news action
  • Phone action
  • Facebook action
  • Twitter action
  • File PDF action
  • Web action
  • Youtube video action
  • Email action
  • Move and reorder items
  • Add more home icons
  • Jump to screen action
  • Jump to screen titles
  • Reorder move icons and gallery screens
  • Add all home icons
  • Intro to styles
  • Set background colour for stanard screens
  • Remove background colour
  • Set background image
  • Background contrast
  • Change text colour
  • Set the separator colour
  • Set icon screen background
  • Change individual screen background
  • Individual item text colour
  • Other style changes
  • Publish your app
  • Preview link
  • Access the Web App
  • Scan QR Code
  • Share Facebook and Twitter
  • Conclusion and close



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