Can I buy an EDU licence for one class, or a smaller group?

We have decided to sell EDU Accounts as a site licence. This has been done for a variety of reasons:

  • We believe app creation contributes to digital literacy, and as such is a worthwhile skill for all students to gain.

  • App building is a means of communicating, not that different to blogging, making a website or writing an email. It can be utlised across all subjects and age groups.

  • We don't want app creation to be viewed as a niche skill for Computing and ICT. A site licence encourages school-wide use of the software.

  • We provide support to the whole school, regardless of the number of students using the software. For this reason a site licence is more appropriate.

We have tried to price the EDU licence very reasonably, considering the large amount of functionality and number of users it caters for.

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2015-03-13 09:53
Mluleki Manyase
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