It takes very long to publish now and it didn't before. Also, my app takes a longer amount of time to download updates then it did before.

Hi James.
AppShed apologizes for the inconveniences caused. I hope you understand.
I agree with you, i think it becuase of the new update that we did a month ago.
The other reason your publishing can be slow is because of having so much data to be published in your app.
And also it may something to do with the timing, because there is a time where our servers go through a lot of users at the same time, so it slows down exporting of apps a bit.
I hope you understand, we are very sorry for the inconvenience caused.
I have made this an issue to the Dev Team, they will look into it.
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2015-08-13 10:14
Beniah Makoni
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Comment of Martin:
Please can you do something about it, it is very slow and i don't have much ... show moredata on my app, last year it took 5 seconds, this year it takes 1 hour, also when i close the publish window it doesn't carry one publishing it just stops, please do something about it, it is really annoying.
Added at: 2017-03-25 18:06