Password validation using Blockly


In this tutorial you learn how to use password validation using blockly.


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More videos in this playlist include:

  • a1 Intro
  • a2 Add password intput box
  • a3 Change action to Blackly
  • b1 Add GoTo Tab in Blockly
  • b2 Add if statement
  • b3 Add password variable
  • b4 Add text string
  • b5 Add the Do action
  • c1 Testing the password
  • c2 Rename to login
  • c4 Alert message 
  • c5 Test alert message 
  • d1 Generated Code
  • d3 Alert with variable





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Comment of Jessica Henze:
Can you password protect screens? I am looking to keep my students out of certain ... show moreareas until they earn access. I followed the tutorial, but I'm having difficulties with the screen id.
Added at: 2014-08-01 16:08

Comment of Boo:
Jessica (or anyone having the same trouble) I did this by having the login section as ... show morea tab, then on all my other tabs (this works with screens too) I added a onLoad function (just google appshed help onLoad) which took the user back to the login page unless they had entered the correct password
Added at: 2019-08-18 15:43